Basic UNIX Commands  
Basic UNIX Commands 
How Do I...
Change directories? cd cd virtual_html
("cd" alone takes you to your home directory)
("cd .." take you back up one directory) 
See what directory I'm in? pwd pwd
List files and directories? ls ls directoryname
("ls" alone gives list of current directory)
View the contents of a file
more filename
Copy one file to another file? cp cp filename1 filename2
Edit a file
pico filename
Make a directory? mkdir mkdir newdirectoryname
Remove a file? rm rm filename
Remove a directory? rmdir rm directoryname
Rename a file? mv mv oldfilename newfilename
Change Permissions on a File? chmod chmod 755 filename
chmod 755 directoryname
Get help on a specific command? man man commandname
Uncompress a .gz file gunzip gunzip filename
Uncompress a .Z file uncompress uncompress filename
Un-tar a .tar file tar tar -xf filename